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The strongest normally aspirated Mazda6i on the planet....

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The grocery getter in it's natural habitat....

General Info

Tanabe GF springs with Koni shocks, 'legal' tint.

Updated sport bumper and Grill...

3" rolled edge/slant cut exhaust tips.

Stock 17" rubber on Kosei K1-TS wheels.

Basic Aesthetic & Interior Mods

Installing body kit...

Installed body kit

Interior trim pieces updated to match Pewter center stack

All Brown interior parts re-dyed low-gloss black.

Intake Updates

The airbox looks almost stock...

A bumper mounted scoop feeds fresh, cold air to the airbox.

The standard air inlet is expanded to over 3".

The airbox is fitted with a 3 1/2" port for cold air inlet.

The original 2 1/2" MAF tube was removed from the airbox to install a custom oversized MAF tube. *

A custom oversized MAF tube was fabricated and then refit to the airbox cover. *

The throttle body has been fully optimized and polished. *

Stock 60mm throttle body is bored out to 64mm.
Optimized & bored throttle body products available from

Exhaust Updates

OK, this is mostly hard core stuff, that's why it's down here at the bottom...

This diagram shows several areas where the factory exhaust can be improved.

Use a pipe expander on this choke point at the inlet to the cat.

Remove choke point where the cat connects to the resonator!

Remove the choke point at the outlet of the resonator.

Remove the choke point at the inlet to the rear 'Y' split.

Reconnect the cat and resonator with 2 1/4" pipe.

Reconnect the resonator and rear split with 2 1/4" pipe.