A Reba Arm Upgrade on the Revolver Redwoood Turntable     


Fitting an RB301 Tonarm on the Linn-style Mount

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Revolver turntables gained some popularity as a budget audiofile turntable in the 1980s and 90s. Their design include a 'split plinth' and outboard belt drive now used in several highly acclaimed mid-range turntables such as Music Hall 7.1. The primary weakness of the Revolver however, is it's relatively low cost tonearm with degrading microphonic affects. This web page describes how the original low cost Linn-mount tonearm can be upgraded with the excellent Rega RB301 style arm for vastly improved sound.

The new Rega Arm arrives from Canada.

The RB301 with 3 point mounting.

The stock Revolver arm on the mostly stock deck.

Stripping the deck down and removing the stock tonearm.

A tool for measuring and marking the 222mm platter hole distance was created with Visio.

Drawing the arc to locate the new Rega arm base center.

Creating the new 23mm hole for the Rega base behind the old Linn mounting.

Starting work on the acrylic armboard.

Test fitting the armboard and countersinking the mounting holes.

Initial installation of armboard and arm completed.

Using a 'dummy' 17mm cartridge to check for proper VTA.

After reworking the armboard for a better VTA the real cartridge is ready for alignment.

After a few minor adjustments the cartridge alignment is completed.

I found my left channel was open so I rewired the interconnect as descibed on wardsweb.org.

As wardsweb.org states, This mod involves some very delicate work...

Cabled up and spinning some music. The initial listening session confirmed the improvements immediately!

Counterweight upgraded with the Mitchell Tecnoweight for ever greater detail...