Development of a Split-Plinth Rega-based Turntable     

Conversion of a venerable Rega Planar3 deck

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This is a unique design turntable constructed using Rega parts for all electronics and running gear. The primary feature of this deck is the dual plinth design which ensures total isolation of the motor sub-chassis from the platter/tonarm mounting plinth. Components and construction techniques include:
  • New-style P3 Motor
  • 12.5mm Acrylic Platter
  • RB-301/Mitchel Tonearm
  • MDF Lower Plinth
  • Dupont Corian© Upper Plinth
  • Dynamic Cone suspension

  • A summary of the construction process for this turntable project is illustrated below:

    A Planar3 Ebay donor deck sourced from a Canada seller.

    Old style Planar3 motor & electronics.

    Primer and initial lacquer coats applied to lower plinth.

    Motor and recessed circuit board mount on underside of lower plinth.

    Test fitting the floating motor mount on lower plinth for maximum vibration isolation.

    The upgraded P3 Motor on Left       -       Original Planar3 motor on right.

    Test fitting & leveling the floating cone suspension.

    Motor recess in upper plinth maintains 100% motor isolation from lower suspension plinth.

    Preparing to test float the upper & lower pinths and check the motor drive mechanism.

    Testing the new acrylic platter and full weight suspension leveling.

    Preparing for the RB301 arm trnasplant.

    Tonearm transplant completed checked and tightened down.

    Re-aligning the cartridge to the new deck.

    Ready to rock n roll...