Valerie's CBU Graduation            

May 15, 2009 - Desoto Civic Center

Graduation ceremony begins...

The graduates enter the arena

Awaiting diploma w/ Magna Cum Laude honors...

Returning with friend Chelsea...

Awating the finish

Celebrating with Grandma!

Uncle Brad and Aunt Mary with Honors

Valerie with the proud parents of the graduate

Valerie in the sunshine with Uncle Glenn

A happy day at the graduation ceremony

The after-celebration at BBQ Fest 2009!

Ice luge at tent S195 for BBQ-Fest 2009

Rod serving up cold ones at the BBQ-Fest party

Chillin at the BBQ Fest

Keg repair with family, friends, and neighbors....

The famous (19PSI) bike pump upgrade

Hosing details for the advanced pump upgrade...